How to build own iot server?

How can we build servers like blynk, adafruit ? Or what are the alternatives ?

I have a video on my site explaining how to set up the backend with MQTT and HTTP interfaces.

You, can work on adding the front end dashboard using any ready template available for the platform you are choosing to write code in.
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Thank You for your valuable information,

In the video your are advised to select “t2.medium”, can i select “t2.micro”

Yes you can select. It should work.

P S : Please post in correct category.

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Thank u its working perfectly

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After all i’m getting following error
please guide to sort out this issue

Issue Solved, actually it is not running
That is why i faced that thing

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial,
But would like to know a small thing, how to run the emq broker continuously ?
When i’m closing putty,emq is also stopping

It doesnt stop when putty stops. Its always running since i first time deployed it six months back.

But mine is stopping,
Can u please send me the commands to run it continuously

There are no commands. It runs automatically by default. May be your server is being stopped. I have experienced this in AWS free tier.