How to connect this QUECTEL M26 GSM- SKYLAB SKG12A GPS module

Hello Ravi,
i have a gps tracker, based on QUECTEL M26 gsm module which is integrated with a SKYLAB SKG12A.
I am not able to connect it (neither to pc via given usb port nor to arduino uno).
red led designated for gsm & green led designated for gps blink intermittently.
when called at sim inserted in module it always says switched off.
All i need is to establish the communication between device & pc directly or through arduino.
i have referred the m26 datasheet to understand the usb pinouts but no luck.
pls help me resolving this.
i have attached the pcb pics for your consideration.!

Best Regds

i even tried tx rx vcc gnd pins of module as indicated in datasheet but it didnt work.
pc says usb device not recognized.



Have you given 4V,2A capable power supply to the device?

Dear Ravi,

Thanks for your time.
Yes,It was connected to 12 v 7ah battery.
It has in built 4v 350 mah li-po battery also for backup.
Could you pls suggest me how to connect it to pc via usb cable,do i need to use a TTL to usb converter?
Vcc,Tx,Rx,Gnd pins are identified as per M26 datasheet.
Whenever i try to connect pc always says usb device not recognised.
Pls help.

Best Regds
Sandeep Singh

It might be missing some drivers. For me SIM5320 did like this. I installed drivers and it worked.

which drivers should i use???

The drivers that came with Quectel software.