How to send data on server through sim808

hi all,
i am interfacing sim808 with PIC16 controller, to send data on server.

The above link open via desktop browser and update the database .how do I do in pic controller.
I tried with httppara command but response is 603.
I think this not a fully qualified domain name so httppara command will not work…
At+cipstart command can work but I don’t know how to used it , because it has link.
Please share experiences with me
Thanking you.

603 is like no response from server or late response or timeout. Make sure you are connected to internet before sending data.

How would I know that my device is connected to the internet. I getting ok response from every command with IP address. I go through some forum they said that some sim card required IP and port of proxy.
Can you tell how do I get this.
Thanking you…

If you get IP address its one good sign and then you ping standard sites and see if you get any data. You can simply try with HTTP GET. If getting same response then your network connection/Antenna connection is bad or SIM doesn’t have credit.

Now I am getting 404 response with http get from Google

First run the GET request on the domain on the Fiddler app and use the same parameters if it works.