HTTP Post Not Working

I followed the following blog -

That website also changes to

When I send the data to the server by AT+HTTPACTION=1 it shows the following error message.

+HTTPACTION: 1,400,29

My server -

My Post url -

I used following code,


AT+HTTPPARA=“CONTENT”," multipart/form-data; boundary=-------------------------acebdf13572468"


Content-Disposition: form-data; name=“fieldNameHere”; filename=“license.txt”
Content-Type: text/plain

<@INCLUDE C:\Users\iHacker\AppData\Local\Programs\Fiddler\license.txt@>


+HTTPACTION: 1,400,29

I used Arduino serial monitor.

Are you posting the data content after you get the “DOWNLOAD” message from the module and receive a “OK” after you send exactly 270 characters (as far as I can see you are sending a little less than 270 characters)?