Humidity sensor dht11

Hi Ravi,

I am using dht11 sensor for reading humidity, on new customized pic24(16bit) controller hardware.
Controller can operate data pin(high/low) of sensor but while reading data from sensor on same pin, controller does not get changes in input i.e. sensor does not pull down/up the data pin.
Does dht11 sensor needs to pull down/up di pin or i have to make changes in firmware to operate pin.???

I am suspecting the issue in generated code by mcc plugin of pic24, because other peripherals are also not working properly.

Kindly suggest your help…!!!

Sandip J

I guess you should change the mode of pin to Input if you are using it as output earlier.
There might be hard pullup on either side which can prevent logic level detection. Obeserve with a scope to see if there is a change in signal.