Internet in sim808 with 4g sim cards

My 808 is working with 2g sim but when i put a 4g sim in it, only call and message function are working, its not getting ip address to establish internet connection… Any suggestions…??

How are you saying its a 2g and 4g sim. Are they of same company?

Thanks for your reply sir, i have a old idea sim and its working fine (call, message and internet) but when i put Airtel 4g sim, only call and message are working, internet connection is not establish…
So i want to know, in sim808 internet connection can be done with an 4g sim card or not…??

You might need to change the APN settings for airtel

I changed sir to

Do you have 2G data pack on the sim?

No sir but it has 4g data pack

Sir have you ever tried 4g sim in sim808

Yes they work. I think issue is your sim card specific. Did you check with network operator?

No sir, I don’t know how to check.

I mean call to customer care and check if anything is wrong :slight_smile:

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Sir i have a more query, if i have to send and receive data from server to sim808, then what i have to use TCP/IP or GET/POST.

You can use anyone, its about the preference and what your server supports.

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Its 4G Data pack how it use I don’t know even i am taking Embedded system Training in Delhi
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