Is it possible to automatically configure APN settings?


Hello! I’m using an A6 GSM module to connect a microcontroller to a server over the Internet. I noticed that I have to manually configure the APN settings for each different SIM card I use.

So, is it possible to automatically configure these settings? How does a mobile phone do it?


Hi Cristian,

Its not possible to download automatically in normal GSM modules.
People normally save all possible profile APN settings in memory and activate the right one based on the network name.



Thank you! It seems that a large memory is needed, because there must be many APN settings configurations. Can you indicate me a where I can find a (complete) list of APN settings configuration worldwide?


RIght now, i am not aware of such a source.
But, If you want to support Global networks, You might try Carrier agnostic networks. provides SIM cards which work all over the world.


Thanks for the info.