Is it possible to run SIM800L on 3 AA batteries

Hi Ravi
I am working on a project where i need to power sim800l on AA batteries.
Requirement is run the product at -20 degree and there is no external power source or charging. So it need to run on primary cell. And i need a long backup too.

Considering all above design constrain i had selected 3 lithium AA battery and 1F super capacitor.

Any suggestions or advice would you like to give


Yes you can use like that, it should work. But make sure the voltage on VBAT pins of module should not exceed 4.2V, Even if its 4.3 it will enter over voltage power down.
So 3 AA cell will make it 4.5 so use a regulator like LM39302 and may be use 4 AA cell instead of 3