Is SIM800L good for reliable MQTT connection?

Hi Friends
I have been experimenting with SIM800L to publish mqtt messages using SIM800L . Thought it works the connection has been very unreliable. I am using TinyGSM libraries for GPRS connection from SIM800 using software serial ( the only option) on nodemcu. Not sure if its library issue or anything to do with SIM800L.
Wonder if there are any better alternatives to SIM800L?


i personally have been using sim800L in around 20 products so far and it is working good. make sure you use an IOT simcard and you are fine, as well, it all depends on your code how well is your code and how well you have made it redundant to make it work even if the gsm fails.

Parth Yatin Temkar

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Usually, in my experience and what i’ve seen around, the sim800 works quite well, IF you understand it and take care of it. The instabilities that I know of are the result of:

  1. Poor electronic design, generally in the power supplied or in the serial paths.

  2. Bad software on the other side harassing the little slow module (you have to be patient with it, and not overwhelm it with too long messages).

You have to be prepared to properly reset it using your attached MCU, because when it fails, there is no other solution I could find.