Issue in interfacing QUECTEL L80 receiver along with ultrasonic sensor HC SR04

I am trying to form a data packet containing distance from ultrasonic sensor and then various data like lat, long, speed, etc from GPS. I was able to interface gps and ultrasonic sensor individually with Arduino UNO and correct values of data were obtained.

When I interface both sensor and gps together, the data obtained does not contain correct values of distance. Only lat and long values are obtained.
At times the distance values obtained is zero.
How can I resolve this error?
I have also tried adding delays between the working of sensor and gps but again incorrect values of distance were obtained.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Looks like a firmware issue, you need to check your code and make sure there is enough memory and one data is not overwriting the other. GPS data is pretty straight forward, it just keeps appearing on serial port at set intervals. It will be coming but your software is not able to capture it properly.

@RaviPujar, I have attached the code here. I have also removed the delays. Please tell me the issue. In this code I am able to receive the GPS data properly.