Issue running SIM800L V2.0 GSM GPRS MODULE

Hey there ,

I’m trying to use SIM 800L module using 4G SIM, but its not working. The module seems to restart after 7 blinks ~ 5sec.
GSM Module config can be found at robu

Connection Info
GSM Module --> Arduino Uno R3
5V --> 5V
Tx --> D2
Rx --> D3

I’m not using breadboard. Any input/help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Probably it’s not getting enough current or not the right input voltage. At what voltage you are operating it at

@RaviPujar GSM Module is being powered from Arduino 5V pin and Arduino is powered from Laptop USB port.

It needs 4V @2A . 5V from Arduino cannot cut it.

@RaviPujar Whats the alternative power source for this? Also i have Airtel 4G Sim , will it work with this SIM Module?

You could use Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries. Or use power supply based on regulators like LM2596, MP1584 etc which can deliver 2A current

Thanks @RaviPujar. I’ll try this out and will let you know if that worked out or not.
Also will 4G Sim(Airtel) be supported by GSM (800/900/1800/1900) Module?

Yes they should support