Keeps getting error on AT+HTTPPARA command

I am using sim 800 GSM/GPRS module . When I try to connect it to the Internet through gprs connection,it acquires connection(network LED blinking fast)and for all commands,module responds ‘OK’.After these all when I try to pass this, (AT+HTTPPARA=“URL”,", it doesn’t response back with “OK”.Can you help me to recognize the reason for this?Thanks in Advance.
Here are the order of the commands I tested before above mentioned command and their responses.
ATE0 -> OK
AT+SAPBR=3,1,“APN”,“ppwap” -> OK
AT+SAPBR =1,1 -> OK

Normally we dont use http:// in entering URL. We start from group35…
And check if you are ending it with double quote after name".
See if you are exceeding URL length.

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Sir,What did you mean by saying ‘see you are exceeding URL length’.I didn’t quite get it.can you explain it?

Now I manage to set URL.but I’m getting JS code as data instead of response I expected.Can you tell me what is the reason for that?Thanks.

May be your page is returning the JS code. Try doing a GET request though Fiddler and see in raw format what is returned.

With the aid of fiddler, I was able to find that it is returning JS file called aes.js.But I never had such file and I am hosting it on a free web hosting service.Then I used this ( as a test and it works perfectly in the browser and fiddler but no information is received by the GSM module.What may be the reason for that?Thanks.

Finally I managed to solve the error.Thank you for your support upto now.Thanks in advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I am facing same problem. Can you tell me how to solve that problem. #pavindu_lakshan

When you’re finding a solution to a problem it would better to better to be humble and write the answer here for helping others.

Those days I was really busy with a hardware project at my university and really close to a deadline, so I didn’t have any time to post solutions in forums. However, its been 3 years now since then and I haven’t touched a single GSM module in that past. Therefore, I don’t really remember the solution. Sorry about that.