Latest Firmware for SIM800L

I am trying to use SSL, FS and MQTT commands on my SIM800L. However, those are returning ERROR. It seems like my module’s firmware is not updated.

Can someone share the latest firmware?


I’ve been trying to do the same by burning this firmware version to the sim800L wich I’ve downloaded from this site

However I don’t know if this website is reliable, it doesn’t appears to be an official site from simcom to me.

The problem comes once I’ve burned the firmware to the board, it throws a flashtool error (5095).

Have you got something?


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I am facing the same error!. When I update the firmware it shows me that same error i.e. ID NOT MATCHED WITH TARHET (5095). My module is sim800L and I have tried both 1308B09SIM800L16 and 1308B04SIM800L16

Have you tried the fw version available on the lily go t-call git hub repository? It is 1418B06SIM800L24

I have changed the module altogether. Since the modules are outdated, I would suggest you the same if you are planning to use it in production.

Also, 2g is not functional in few countries and many will be discontinuing it in future. It is better to use 4g modules that are reverse compatible.

If you still are planning to use those features on sim800, I would suggest you to use the device as a modem (i,e, data link layer device), and use ppp over serial with an external microcontroller or any processor of your choice.