List all three mqtt topics in group

hello sir… i want to send the three different topics to my server … i am able to send one topic data to server… but now i want to send all three topic data to server… for that i want to list those topics together … how to do that


I dont quite understand your problem?
From where do you want to list them?

sir there are 4 mqtt topics on my server …pv/x,pv/y,pv/z,pv/t…
whern i am sending data to them individually. then it is transferred successfully, but i want to send different data to all topics at the same time by making a list with some other name say pv/combine…
i want to list all the four topics in pv/combine and send pv/combine to server …
how to do this sir

I guess you can use Wildcards character # like pv/#