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I need to connect several sensors (with reporting interval of 15 minutes approx) within a range on 1km to a wifi enabled device( esp32 or cc3200 or such). LORA seems like a suitable option for me. I don’t want to use a LORA gateway, i want something like a point to point architecture where many sensors report to one base. At the node side i want to use STM32. Where can i get the LORA stack for STM32 and what radio is suitable. Please share your taughts and experiences on this.

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I’m not Ravi, but some ideas I suggest you to try, depending on the details of your project:

  • All LORA modules can work in a “promiscuous” mode (sends a signal and everybody can listen to it). With that, you can “bypass” the LORAWAN bandwidth limitations and communicate between modules directly, but if you want privacy, you have to encrypt the packet contents.
  • If you can distribute multiple sensors near each other, you can create a wifi mesh, that allows you to reach very far, because each module works as a sort of “signal repeater”. The ESP32 has dedicated functions for this.
  • Have you tried the good old RF 433Mhz modules? they are ridiculously cheap, and who knows, it might be more than enough for your application.
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@viedana thanks for the insights… In LORAWAN when using gateway (not in promiscuous mode) , can i use my own server instead of Things network or AWS or something else?

Have no idea actually, sorry. It’s probably possible, but will depend on the gateway, as LORAWAN, as far as I know, is a trademark or something of The Things Network.

LoRaWAN is a network protocol and LoRa is a modulation technique for RF signal. The WAN part adds the authentication and defines coordination between different devices on network.
@Gowtham_Shanmugaraj If you use it as a open Peer to Peer communication module as a simple LoRa device, any other module can also see the. The gateways only accept LoRaWAN as the gateways merely collect these packs on LoRa frequency and forward to the internet/server. If you have your own gateway, you can configure it to send these LoRa packets to your server.