MicroPython for embedded devices

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on the internet about programming the popular ESP8266 Wi-Fi and ESP32 Wi-Fi/BLE modules using MicroPython. Apparently, MicroPython is just like Python, but severely scaled down. So, lesser libraries available because everything has to be saved on the limited memory of the embedded devices. Has anyone here tried using MicroPython for any of the embedded devices? If yes, how were the results? Is it any good?

Hi Tejas,
I had not heard about it just before you mentioned. It looks super easy once you load the MicroPython OS into the board. But looks like it needs lot of memory footprint and resources which makes the end boards expensive due to selection of high end MCU like STM32F4 series. I am talking in terms of using MicroPython in end products point of view. But for development boards like ESP32 or ES8266 based ones, then you can easily use them as i see a lot of people are doing so. And looks like the library is not yet suitable for all devices and needs porting work for different chipset’s. Let me know if you learn more about this. Would love to know. :slight_smile:

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