MP2617 (1S Li-Ion Charger IC) schematic

Hello to all !

Ok i want to use MP2617 questions is :

  • Can i get your schematic so i can easier make it, their documentation is little bit bad…
  • What Inductor you use ?
  • If i don’t use NTC, what pheriperals i need(resistors) or i don’t need any ?
  • Any tips in designing example for PGND and AGND, so did you make some mistakes while doing layout?

I think schematic will help a lot to explain some of further questions also.

Thanks in advance !

Are you refering to this chip?

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Actually , i managed to answer all my questions on my own so not so helpful here…

But thanks for interesting of this post :slight_smile:

Scheme for reference if anyone need it.


Ok, I will change the tittle to make it clearer for future reference and other people looking for something like this.