Mqtt communication between ibm iot platform and sim900

Please help me for mqtt communication between sim900 and ibm iot platform

Sure Akshay,
Will look at it. I think they support HTTP REST API. We should be able to use out of SIM900.

Hello Ravi,
I am beginner and i want to understand how communication takes place, what is HTTP REST API, TCP/IP, SSL, HTML, json, etc. I am learning from Youtube, google only. What is good for me to understand? Please give me any suggestion …
I have done cloudMQTT and SIM900 successfully. Now I want bigger platform.

Akshay, Look at Dreamfactory. They are a open source IOT platform. I use it in most of my projects. They added support for MQTT now.

Hello ravi, i have done publish topic on ibm blumix but problem in subscribe topic can you help??

Akshay, sure. Post the problem what you are facing. Also if you can list down the steps, i can try and connect and see and help you after experimenting. Teach me too :slight_smile: