Mqtt communication using sim800a through cloudmqtt

Here,I have been working on an application where i use two gprs sim800 modules,I created an instance “test” in CloudMqtt server.My objective is to make gprs to gprs communication via CLOUDMQTT as a broker.So i have configured one gprs module as a publisher and other as a subscriber using MQTT packets through AT commands using TCP as done in this video. I can publish data from one gprs module to the instance created and i when data is send from websocket UI from cloud Mqtt i could also receive it in another gprs which i configured as a subscriber.My only problem is the data send from my publisher gprs module is not getting received in my subscriber gprs module !!! Once i post data from my publisher gprs module the subscriber gprs module connection gets closed. Can anyone pls help me to solve this issue!!

May be you are using same Client ID for both. Brokers disconnect old connection for same client ID and retain new connection. Change client ID to different value.

Thank u bro!! It works fynn.