Hi Ravi,

I am new to sim800l and mqtt. I have gone through your videos. And I am able to subscribe and publish data using hercules terminal. However, I wanted to know how to send connect, publish and subscribe packet from serial terminal? Since there is no checkbox to select to show that data I am sending is in hex.

I am sending following packets through hercules terminal for which I am getting correct response:
connect – 101200044D5154540402003C00064142434445461A
publish – 3013000876616C6574726F6E68656C6C6F726176691A
subscribe – 820D0001000876616C6574726F6E001A

For the above packets can you tell me how can i send the same data in serial terminal (default terminal in arduino IDE)?


HI Anand,
I dont know how to send hex data in Arduino IDE. I guess its ascii only.
You can use TMFT and Hercules for this.

data or commands should be sent in bytes type in serial terminal
so you shoud encode data first then send it to serial port

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