Murata lora lawan configuration in abp mode

Dear all ,

Am using Murata lora module for sending temperature data to cloud , currently i got Tata communication APPSKEY , NWSKEY . same keys i have put in the st- example firmware , and am using ABP mode. but unfurnately data is not trasmitting to the TCL server. can any one help me out in issue…

i have quetion on few things in St example firmware.

1> what are other parameter i need change in firmware.
2>devadress should we supply ?

Thanks advance.
Shreyas H

Hi Shreyash,
I have tried the firmware given by ST and entered the NETWORK and APPLICATION keys given by TCL.
I used the Node version of firmware and you have to have a DevEUI number registered in the TCL before you send data to them. In Node version firmware i modified the keys and set the region to IN_865 region to get it working. No more changes.

Thank you very much… In end node firmware , in which file should i define (Region) IN_865? am getting little confused where to define it.

Am really happy , glade with your support and your contribution towards embedded system.

Hi Ravi sir,

it worked only once. i have changed region in region.h . is it correct?

No, its defined in compiler options in keil. Go to C/C++ section in keil in Flash configuration options. It should be there.

Thank you very much… it’s working now perfectly.:grinning::grinning:

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