NO CARRIER in SIM 808 module

I connected a SIM 808 module with a sim card to a pc via ftdi module
I am able to receive calls and sms but every time i try to dial a number using
ATD<“phone number”> it says NO CARRIER
The sms that i try to send every time also dont get delivered

Please Help!!

Hi Shubhang,
No carrier means it is not getting dial tone.
Are you adding semicolon at the end of ATD. Like ATD123456789; ?
Can you check and make sure your power supply is not dipping when you generate a call?
Are you able to receive incoming call and talk for a longer duration?


yes i am able to receive calls for long duration…And power supply also seems to work fine… i am using a 5 volt 2 amps phone charger as supply…is there any AT command to check weather i am getting a dial tone ???

also for the sms :
i typed AT+CMGF=1-----OK(RESPONSE)

then AT+CMGS="+phone number"

then it asks for the text with a symbol “>” on the screen.
after entering text and pressing CTRL+Z or ECS key it replies with OK
But the text is never delivered…is this also because of NO CARRIER problem?

Are you reducing 5V to 4V on board before reaching the module?
Most probably you dont have balance in your SIM card, check it once. Or try a different SIM

no 5 volts is fixed …i tried with a charger of 5 volts and 4 amps also… and with 2 different sim cards and both of them have sufficient balance…should i try changing the gsm antenna or the board itself??
i also found the smsc number using AT+CSCA?.. but the no carrier problem still persists

Module is getting 5V?
What is the voltage you are measuring on VBATT pins?

yes module is getting 5 volts and voltage on VBAT pins is 4.11 volts
Is there anything else that i should try or just replace the entire hardware?

This is a strange problem :slight_smile:
You can replace hardware and try if its available


Can you show your module? Is it have signal LED? How about it is blinking pattern? Power LED blinking or not? What is the output value for AT+CBC command? Please send me these information.

Hi @Shubhang Please check whether your SIM is having sufficient balance to make calls or send text message…

Sir,i connected m590e gsm module to Arduino with separate power supply…Gsm make call correctly…But while sending message it showes no carrier message… Please help me sir

Please open separate thread for you topic

Thanks bro… You just saved my day

hello. im using sim900 gms module. I already put semicolon behind my phone number. it still showns NO CARRIER. Help me please regarding on this