Non Rechargeable Battery for GPS Tracker

Hi Techies, Hope all are doing good.
I need a GPS tracker which should work on non rechargeable battery like ER26500. My device has to send the location of the device 4 times a day to server and also it should send when I request from portal or mobile app.
For this development i have 2 questions…

  1. If i use ER26500 non rechargeable batteries for my GPS tracker, The technical data sheets of the battery saying that it will deliver max continuous current of 180mA and max peak current of 320mA. But GSM modules requires 1.8 to 2A in peaks right. So how these batteries are going to provide enough current at peaks?
  2. GSM modules required 3.4 to 4.4V right. Non rechargeable batteries are giving 3.7V only. How long these batteries will provide power supply till it reaches to 3.4V from 3.7V?