Obtain Latitude

I am trying to obtain Latitude, longitude and satellite count from gps and send data on server. I am unable to separate the NMEA dataCan someone help? Thanks in advance.
I am using arduino UNO for the same

When you say “it did not work”, what do you mean? Does it give you an error or something?

Have you tried the basic example of the TinyGPSPlus library? (This one: https://github.com/mikalhart/TinyGPSPlus/blob/master/examples/BasicExample/BasicExample.ino) Let’s try one thing at a time to see if we can understand where the problem is. It might be super silly since it does not even use the gps hardware, but let’s start with the basic (no pun intended… well, maybe a little bit).

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thanks for your help

Which module of the SIM800l are you using? Usually it comes with a dedicated RESET/ENABLE pin independent of the serial pins, so it shouldn’t reset when you begin or end a serial connection.

The other only way I can imagine to reset the SIM800 would be by sending the specific AT command to do it (AT+CFUN=1,1 if I’m not mistaken). Be sure you aren’t sending that command every time you start or end your serial connection to the SIM800l.