Parsing NMEA string

Hi Ravi,
I’m getting NMEA formated data from my GPS.Is there any C library that you suggest, which will simplify the parsing of latitude and longitude info (and if possible number of satellites etc.,) from that NMEA information?

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Hi Gowtham,
I normally parse using Commas and i always get the GPRMC packet only as it has all the vital info i need for GPS tracking. There might be libraries available but i use my own custom code. You have to separate each field using commas and use the \r\n character as the end of packet and the RMC string as the header.

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Thanks Ravi, I guess i need to learn NMEA info items more in detail.Is the time data provided by the NMEA accurate? and can i use it to set the RTC or timestamp instead of using the Network time server?


Yes, you can use that only when GPS status is Valid. But GPS time will be in UTC

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