Possible to lower current consumption while using SIM800 with MQTT?


I am going to design a mobile testing device, which uses a SIM800 GSM/GPRS Module. It has a 5000mAh Lithium battery which poweres everything. I am using MQTT to send / receive data from the device.

Now I would like to know if anyone has an idea how to lower the current consumption, is it somehow possible to put the module in a sleep mode, but the GPRS connection stays alive, so that it can receive a TCP message and wake up fully again? I mean a standard mobile phone, is switched on all day long, and is receiving whatsapp / facebook messages which also uses MQTT and the current consumption is less than the SIM800.

Would be very nice if I could get some hints :slight_smile:

Than ks!

HI Mani,
The current consumption is around 10 to 13 mA when a TCP connection is open on the module. If you send data using CIPSEND, it jumps to around 50mA-60mA momentarily and comes back to 10 to 13mA.

I havent seen module entering sleep mode when connection active. Most of the time i keep module in active state so that i dont have delay in exiting from sleep in TCP mode.
You can try to enter module into sleep mode and see and share results to the community.

Hello Ravi, thank you very much!

I am going to test this, and share my test results.