Power of gsm module


i have 5V power in my iot circuit i want to power my gsm module which requires 4-4.2V (Quectal m95). I am trying to do this with silicon diodes but not getting any reliable result. Please suggest me some better option… thanks in advance.


Use regualtors like LM2596 or MIC29302. MIC29302 adjustable version is better as it can run without inductor.


Sir, I tried mic29302 and I am able to get 4.17V but still the module is not working. I am using power bank witth output voltage of 5V and 2A rating. @RaviPujar


exactly same issue please help @RaviPujar


Too long wires, You need shorter wires and length from power supply to GSM needs to be very short to deliver the needed 2A current. Are you seeing NETLIGHT blinking?