PPP using SIMCOM Modules(SIM800C,SIM7600)

Hi This is Hari krishna

Currently i am working on PPP mode using SIM800C/SIM7600 Modules, Previously i have done on ESP32 module successfully and i able to connect the module using MQTT protocol over PPPOS process, so there i used library provided by the ESP32.

But now i have a same task on MSP430 controllers and there doesn’t have any library like ESP32.
So here also i successfully entered to PPP mode with same modules ,but i doesn’t have library to move forward , i know we need library to communicate but can anybody suggest me that how to finish this process, if really need library can anyone help me for that or any alternate process is there to finish this task please suggest me(Not in command mode only in data mode).


Can you please share how you managed to work SIM7600 module using PPPos with ESP32 and micropython please?
I am really desperate :slight_smile:

Thank you!