Problem in sending data from thingsboard control widget to the device using mqtt


I am trying to communicate through thingsboard and sim 800 using mqtt.I have successfully published data to thingsboard and able to display on the widget, but I have problem in sending data from things board to device(I am trying to send data from control knob widget from things board to device).so, please help me to solve this problem by send any base codes regarding this…

All MQTT code bases for Arduino are here.

I havent experiemented with Thingsboard yet.

Hi @ravi , have you found a solution to your problem??. I am facing the exact same issue. I can publish fine but when i subscribe to get response from gpio control widget it keeps showing unable device offline!. Do you know what is the exact sequence to get messages from things board?. I subscribe to this “v1/devices/me/rpc/request/+” and then i expect to get response from the gpio control widget as soon as click on it but it keeps saying offline.