Problem sending Pub command

Hi, I’m using a SIM800L to connect to test mosquitto org

Mi connection data is:
0x10 0x17 0x00 0x04 M Q T T 0x04 0xC2 0x0 0x3C 0x0 0x07 e l g a r b e 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x1A

The response for it is “SEND OK”
Is there a way to double check that the connection was established?

After this I’ve tray to send a publish command, but the result for the “AT+CIPSEND” command is “ERROR”, so I can’t send the publish data.

Do I missing something?

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There will be a connect acknowledgement packet sent back from broker, It will respond with any errors also in the same packet.