Problem with AT+HTTPACTION = 1


I’m having a random problem with the AT command “AT+HTTPACTION = 1”.
Sometimes the answer that I’m receiving is OK but not the +HTTPACTION: 1, 200
and the post is not realized (I wish I have one sequence with the error but I forgot to save it the last time that it happen :frowning:)

I’m trying to find the problem, but it’s difficult because it’s random, sometimes it happens (only a few) but in general it’s working fine.

My question is, if I have that problem can I just resend the command again? Or do I need to send the data again (with AT+HTTPDATA)?

Someone has this problem too?

NOTE: I don’t receive any posts on the server, so the problem should be in my code (maybe timeouts or something like this, but as I said it looks completely random).


Its quite normal to lose the HTTP connection and failures happen. When module is not able to connect due to the network it doesnt reply with the +HTTPACTION URC.
We just have to add retries on failure or timeout. 2G is slow and doesnt always succeed.

Okay thanks!
So to add retries I only need to send the HTTPACTON = 1? Or is it necessary to add the data again with AT+HTTPDATA?

Finally I have managed to force that error and re-sending the “AT+HTTPACTION = 1” the problem is solved.
Thanks for your help!

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