Problem with Bluetooth SIM800C

Hi Ravi, thanks for the movies you posted.

I have a GSM mod. SIM800C and I need to communicate with it via Bluetooth.

The BT firmware version is as follows: 1418B02SIM800C24_BT.

I followed your instructions carefully but when I run the command “AT+BTGETPROF = 1”, the “SPP” profile does not appear in the list:

answare) +BTPAIRING: “HUAWEI CUN L21″,da:a1:48:d5:f6:25,049669
sendcmd) AT+BTPAIR=1,1
answare) OK
answare) +BTPAIR: 1,”HUAWEI CUN L21″,da:a1:48:d5:f6:25
sendcmd) AT+BTGETPROF=1
answare) +BTGETPROF: 10,”PBAP”
answare) +BTGETPROF: 2,”HFP (AG)”
answare) OK

Please Ravi, can you tell me why SPP doesn’t appear?

Thank you very much for your cooperation

If you are searching for SPP profile on phone, you need to install app which exposes this profile. In earlier Android bluetooth examples, the Bluetooth chat application used to do this.