Problem with uploading new firmware to SIM900A

Hi Ravi, after flashloader has been downloaded I get the three error messages “Error during change baud rate”, “Error during loader initialization” and “Check target settings”. What can I do to get it work? Thanks for your help ahead!

Are you sure you are loading the right firmware. It looks like SIM900 firmware not SIM900A?

Hi, I looked in a german forum and somebody said, that this firmware works on his SIM900A in Europe. Here is a link to this forum:

I am not sure about it , Normally the name in the firmware file indicates which module it is meant for and even after selecting the firmware with same name we need to make sure it is of same bit size. There are 32 bit and 64 bit firmwares.

I think you are right, that the firmware is the problem. I was very surprised, when I saw, that on my SIM900a runs the software of SIM800a. Do you agree that I can work with SIM900a in Europe, if I load an other firmware on it and if it´s possible which firmware do you recommend me?

I am not sure which one is needed. Firmware depends on application desired.
Some firmware enable HTTP, Some enable DTMF etc. So you need to select the one which you need.
Why do you want to use SIM900A instead of using other quad band modules which are cheaper to SIM900A?

I bought a SIM900A module because I thought that therefore the most tutorials exist how to use it. But I did not admire that the A stands for Asia. Can you suggest me a cheaper quad band module for Europe instead of SIM900A?

SIM800L and SIM800C should be fine for you.