Quectel M66 GSM module Not working with GSMEVB Q1-A0543 module

Hi everyone,I connect quectel M66 (M66FAR01A12BT) with GSMEVB Q1-A0543 kit,

but its not working… Before that i connect M95 module with the Kit at that time i Power ON s202 switch and after that i press sometime POWERKEY so D503 led and D101 led also ON and also D502 led blink for network status,i use Vi simcard…and i test at command it will work fine.

but as a same setting i connect M66 module than i test M66 module in hyperterminal but GSMEVB module indicate operating status LED D101 are not On and i change baudrate also like 9600,115200 and other also but when i enter AT like any character on hyperterminal than its get ERROR on screen.
i connect RF cable and Antenna also,and USB to DB9 cable connect with main uart port.
like that it will print,

OpenCPU: Customer Application – EDIT KV
<-- RIL is ready -->
<-- GSM Network Status:2 -->
<-- GPRS Network Status:0 -->
<-- CFUN Status:1 -->
<-- SIM Card Status:1 -->
<-- GPRS Network Status:2 -->
<-- GSM Network Status:5 -->
<-- GPRS Network Status:5 -->
<-- Sys Init Status 2 -->
<-- Sys Init Status 3 -->

same setting are working with m95 module…

please let me know wy its not working properly…and how can i resolve this problem.