Quectel M66 - Network Time Synchronization

Hello Mr.Rajiv,
I am using Quectel M66 GSM/GPRS module that communicates with a microcontroller.
I have synchronized the uc internal RTC time with that of M66 internal RTC and also
I have synchronized the M66 internal RTC with GSM network time.

This is exactly what you have explained in one of your youtube videos.

My question is that, I am confused between the following two AT commands of quectel M66:

AT+QNITZ Network Time Synchronization

AT+CTZU Network Time Synchronization and Update the RTC Time

Even with AT+QNITZ=0 (i.e. Disable to synchronize time from GSM network),
I am still able to get correct time by first sending AT+CTZU=3, and then AT+CCLK?

So, my question is that is AT+QNITZ not needed?

Unfortunately i havent used Quectel modules so far, If someone has tried it they can help here.