Questions about Product Certification

i’m using a FCC certified bluetooth module to build a device, and i intend it to sell it for that to happen i need the device to be WPC certified. the questions are

  1. Is the VALTRACK devices WPC certified?
  2. is there a separate certification for GSM module and Bluetooth module?
  3. What are the procedures for applying?
  4. Since VALTRACK devices are being shipped to foreign countries, they will be requiring separate certifications, how did you manage to acquire those certifications?


Hi Paul,

  1. VALTRACK devices wont go under any certification. If customer wants certification, they have to to their own certifications at their own cost.
  2. I think FCC certification will work for both. You take certification for overall product than for individual modules. Individual modules manufacturers have already taken care of certification, so it will only make life easier for you when certifying your board.
  3. Procedures, i am not aware of as i didn’t go through. WPC doesnt have clear open ways for approaching them. If you go through, please share your experience.
  4. They dont require certification as i am directly selling to individual users, They just use them, no resitrictions.

Thank you for your answers,
My follow up question would be,
is it not mandatory to acquire WPC certification before you sell the products in India?
i read through some blogs and documents stating that before you sell the product in india, it needs to be certified.
we are trying to sell it through amazon, flipkart etc

No Amazon doesn’t ask for anything. You can directly sell as a electronics hardware. Doesn’t need certification. You can always sell it as a DIY grade device. Some critical applications like medical or involving safety of people might need to be certified. Ultimately its what the customer wants. If someone is ready to take your hardware without certification, sell it.

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Thank you for answering the questions, if our company applies for certification i will update you on the procedures

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great topic @Paul_Canon

Paul, I apologise for the question, but why do you need certification? Are you planning to build any devices based on these?

I already have built couple devices based on bluetooth and GSM, and as part next step in selling these devices, i wanted to know if Ravi had any experience in applying for certifications.
If you have any experience regarding this, then that would be helpful