Regarding Communication with AWS using GSM module

Respected sir,

   I am a first-year student and I am doing a project on iot. My sir given me this project, I also tell them I am not familiar with iot kind of stuff and I am a newbie here but still, they give me this project because I know  Arduino coding stuff.

 The project is to communicate with AWS (amazon web services) using  Arduino and GSM module and using MQTT protocol.

  I also tell them, it is a totally different thing for me at least MQTT protocol. But they told me as,  take time but complete this stuff or consider it as final year project and complete it.

  Hence there is no way, I have to do it, so I searched on the internet on MQTT but no such tutorial finds and I got your site where I am trying to get more knowledge but not able to gain that much.

Hence I request you, please at least give me some suggestion to how to communicate with AWS. At least provide me a simple Arduino code which will upload value of the pot to AWS later stuff I will handle. please, it is a humble request to you. Your any help is appreciable.

Thank you.

Thanks and Regards


Hi! Does it specifically need to be MQTT, what data do you want to send?

Actually I connected Temperature sensor and smoke sensor to arduino and sending this information to AWS using GSM 800L module. But I dont know how to do this stuff.
I have some information related to MQTT packets but i am not able to do coding part on my arduino UNO.
If you have any Idea please suggest me. Your any help is appreciable.
Thank you.