SAPBR=1,1 CME ERROR: operation not allowed

Hi, I’m using a SIM868 DK.
I was using my own simcard to develop the code but I have decided to buy a new one to use it only for this project. Both simcards are from the same provider so the configuration should be the same.

I was trying the new SIMcard but for my surprise when I was doing the SAPBR configuration I received “operation not allowed”.

The secuence and the answer are:





+CME ERROR: operation not allowed

As I said, this simcard is new. I thougt that maybe the simcard was disabled, due sometimes it’s necessary enable the simcard with the phone, but my provider sais that the simcard is activated.
Any idea could help.
Thank you so much

First check if the SIM is registered by ringing the SIM card number.
Then make sure that the SIM doesnt have any PIN set .

Thanks for the answer.
I tried it and it works fine so I have decided to call to my provider and the problem was that the APN was different for that SIMCard.
I don’t really know why, but it is different. Now all works fine :slight_smile:

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