Secure MQTT communication using SIM808 GSM/GPRS modem

I am trying secure MQTT with AWS using SIM808 module.
Non secure TCP communication works fine.

Bit with AWS it permits only Secure connection.
I tried with creating a certificate using AT+FSCREATE, AT_FSWRITE commands

Setting SSL certificate with SSLSETCERT

AT+SSLSETCERT requires a password.

The certificate AmazonRootCA1.pem is downloaded from Amazon cloud. There is no password associated with that.

Only additional files downloaded are c906a347b6-private.pem.key and c906a347b6-public.pem.key.

But the length is more than 32 bytes.

I tried make password field NULL like

AT+SSLSETCERT=“C:\User\CA.pem”,"" reports +CME ERROR: Param value range beyond ERROR

How can I solve the situation??

Any references or workarounds might be helpful.

Thanks In advance

Hello sir,
Could you please send me your working code to
I want to send sensor value to AWS server. I tried many sites for programming of this kind but not get that much knowledge. Its humbled request you, please share your code with me. Your any help is appreciable.
Thank you.