Selection of microcontroller

What type of microcontroller should i use while designing IoT devices

  1. it should support mqtt protocol and security encryption like Tsl ssl.
  2. AES 256 and what other security and certification required .
  3. Low power consumption as it will be battery powered .
  4. It should support OTA update for uploading code/firmware using ublox or sim7600.
  5. more Digital and analog I/O.

Thanks in advance

The features you mentioned are not supported by MCU, you write a software to support these functions in an MCU. Its your effort, MCU are not born with it. But yes, chips like ESPxx are having community support and these features are already developed using WiFi and Bluetooth. Using UBLOX or SIM7600 you have to write your own bootloader for downloading the data from network and flash the chip.

My personal choice are STM32

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thanks for the reply, but my question is regarding hardware configuration like RAM ROM support and its performance.

STM32 series have wide range like L0 L1 L4 then F0 F4 etc. so which series should i prefer for better performance and also for low in cost.

thanks in advance

STM32F series are economical and F4 have more features and are powerful but expensive.

Since you need mqtt, you need to use mcu,mpu boards that supports linux os. It is wise to us one that gives us these readily. So go with raspberry pi or similar boards. If power is a worry for you, go for raspberry pi Zero.