Send text to an internet server with a SIM800C and Arduino

I have a weather station with an arduino. I want to send the text data periodically to an internet server. No wifi
I have a SIM800C connected to an Arduino and I can send SMS to a mobile phone, but it is expensive.
What is the cheapest system for my project: HTTP? TCP?
Could it be some system similar to FTP?
Any concrete example?
Thank you

MQTT is better for small amount of data. Its faster and also consumes less data. I have videos on my Youtube channel about MQTT using SIM900 or SIM800

MQTT is a good protocol, but just if you need several devices that must report to a broker. In your case, do not complicate your life! you can use HTTP with a sim800/808/900 using GPRS. For a future, I recommend reading LoraWAN, SigFOX, or M1 / Narrow band for IoT and start implementing SIM7000.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You are very kind.

Another issue is the cost to use of GPRS: I have a movistar prepaid card, they tell me that in each connection I can spend a certain amount of megas for 4 euros, but the connection can only last one day. I find it very expensive. It is a world unknown to me.

What alternatives are there?

Hi ,
IF there is need of acknowledgment then TCP is better tcp stack take care of all acknowledgment .