Sending data to server using gprs sim 800

i have to send
1.variables which contains string
2. headers={(),()…} and payload={some values}.
to server using http post method sim 800.
i did this using python via Raspberry pi. now i have to do it using gprs without raspberry pi.
can i write the data to be passed after the url in AT+HTTPPARA? How can i do this?can someone please help me with this?

Yes HTTPARA supports different values like content-type header. You can add custom header also. Go through the AT command manual, it shows how to do it.

sir, after AT+HTTPDATA Command, i called a function which includes the data to be sent, for httpaction command i got response as OK but no data is posted and i didn’t get response from the server.can you tell me why no response is coming from the server?

The data that you send after HTTPDATA is not shown on terminal. Module doesnt echo it back. It will be saved in modules buffer and sent when you execute HTTPACTION.

sir… i got response as OK for httpaction command but it didn’t show data is posted successfully and no data is returned from the server… if i have to get response data from the server after sending data(post) to server Do i need to include at+httpaction=0 also?
after httpdata command i am calling function to send the data… can we send data like this?