Sending file by using sim800 bluetooth



hi this is harikrishna…

i am working on SIM800C,SIM868 modules for Bluetooth connectivity…i am able to send the data in SPP and HFP,HFG,and remaining profiles also…and in my case SIM module is connected with on of the microcontroller(MSP430)…and MSP is connected with Flash memory also…now i want to send FOTA file of MSP by using Bluetooth of SIM module into FLASH memory…is it possible with OPP profile if possible then give me some suggestions to do fota by using Bluetooth of SIM module…


It would be difficult to do FOTA on SPP profile as it would need AT command to be executed parallel . You can store it in FLASH first byte by byte and then load it from there. I haven’t used OPP profile yet. I am not sure OPP is in supported profiles of SIMCOM modules


Thank you RaviPujar

Now I am able to receive the FOTA file successfully… by using the SPP(Serial Port Profile) Communication from Android Mobile to the SIM800C module…i used Bluetooth Serial Terminal Application from the play store…but i am still facing the issue like while sending the FOTA file aroud 60KB at a time some times i am loosing the half of the bytes. and some times receiving the file without lose of single byte…and i don’t know what exactly the problem is and what is the solution for that.

Thank you


You have to implement checksums and error checks for each packet to counter that. Data losses are very not uncommon