Sending sensor data via sim800l through mqtt



i am working on a home automation using arduino and sim800l , at first i thought of using thinkspeak IOT server
with a web interface will work with HTTP REST API but the problem is i need to continuously request a channel feed and if there is a change in the feed then it will change the room controls accordingly. In this procedure there will be lager delay for requesting HTTP API and then processing it .
then i searched a lot came to know mqtt is the best, i have seen your videos on mqtt in youtube , in your video you send the data after converting the data into binary (i did not understand why?) now what if i want to continuously want to send room temperature to mqtt cloud , do i need to convert every time the temperature text into binary and upload it.
Is there any way that we could send ASCII text format values


MQTT is a binary protocol. It has to be in binary. Especially the commands. The data can be in ASCII, no problem. But the formation of control packet fields should be in binary.