Shake / vibration wake up - Arduino Zero + MPU9250

Hello Ravi,
Just joined this forum. almost went through all threads. It is Very helpful and interesting thank you for that.
I am working on a GPS tracker based on SAMD21 (Arduino zero), UBLOX GPS, sim5300e and for motion sensing MPU9250. It is working fine. I need help regarding shake/vibration wake up any idea or hint on how to implement it is appreciated. I have MPU9250 all three data accelerometer, gyroscope and magneto ( 3 axis each) data ready. But how to use for shake wake up?? is there any algorithm or any reading suggestion please suggest.

Hello Jay,
I have worked with arduino Uno and Adxl362 ( 3-axis accelerometer) for motion sensing. You need to implement activity and inactivity detection by specifying their thresholds as in my case it was simple… I used adxl3xx library and used it for my purpose slightly modifying the code. Their is plenty of resources and code available which im sure is also there for ur mentioned motion sensor…

As with my experience in the past, gps module have pretty tight delay within every AT command so u need to carefully handle all those parameters… For reference, just google adxl345 and in ecamples u can get the code as i understand u need some activity/inactivity mechanism for wake up of accelerometer. Hope it helps


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@Rakeh_Saleem is right. You get ready examples for motion threshold detection. Its a standard feature. MPU is a very good chip. You can use the Interrupt pin output of the MPU and connect it to the Arduino Interrupt or WAKEUP pin. Some Low power MCU like STM32 have WAKEUP pins which can be used to wake up the MCU from deep sleep modes.

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Thank You Guys for pointing out the way. I will look in the mentioned suggestions.

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