Sim 800c-RS232 Module

Hi Ravi,
I have been following your blog, YouTube channel for a quite a long time.
I have worked with Sim 900 module, just wanted to upgrade to 800c so bought one.
But found some practical difficulties while working with it.
I am unable to use AT commands in terminal (TMFT 2.6).

Terminal does not respond to AT Commands… The data bytes are sent, yet Rx is zero.
Have given 5v supply to Sim800c from Arduino, Network led blinks…


Have also tried using Arduino using Tx and Rx pins, but there is no response
Bro please help…

Thanks and Regards
Ramanathan AR

5V from USB cannot power the SIM900. It needs more current. Give a 2A capable power source.

Hi I am using Sim800c module
As you told I have given supply through the 12v DC Adapter with 2A current
yet there is no response for AT Commands
When I used in Putty or HyperTerminal the alphabets gets printed only after long press

What are you pressing for long :smiley: