Sim 800l always Returns Error when use AT+CIICR

I need to transmit data to the server using mqtt protocol but while enabling the GPRS connection it always returns Error could some one help me to solve this issue

Below i have attached the screen short of the commands i have executed

First check if the network is registered using AT+CREG? and IP status using AT+CIPSTATUS?

Thank for your response…

I solved my issue it is dude to the current problem.


Hi @Akash.Meras , can you please share how you rectified it in detail. Thanks in advance

Got it! One of the issues would be that if you have set the context and APN using AT+CGDCONT in the begining, then the TCP connection won’t be initiated.

Just use AT+CGATT=1 and proceed to TCP connection setup.
It has to be done because more than one PDN cannot be setup in one APN and you will have to setup APN with AT+CSTT=<“apn”> anyways