Sim 800l connection problem

I have used sim 800l gsm module and it’s just blinking with 1s duration. I have used 3.7v 1000mah and also 3.7v 2500 mah lipo battery still it’s not connecting to network. I even tried with a shorter wire.


Hello and welcome!

  • Is ground shared between the arduino and the sim800? It does not seem to be, in the picture.
  • Is your battery fully charged?
  • Please try to replace those voltage dividers with a proper logic voltage shifter. SIMCOM suggests a simple one on this document on page 32 (keep in mind that “VDDEXT” is 2.8v).
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@madhumitha_manimaran I would suggest you to use short and thick wires for powering gsm, jumper wire is not a good choice. Also add 100uF electrolytic capacitor near gsm power pins to provide sufficient current to gsm. I will solve the network issue of gsm.

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