Sim 800l keeps on resetting

My problem is the gsm keeps on resetting. I had a separate supply an external supply for the gsm and supply of the arduino. I already put 2 diodes together with a capacitor and i had a voltage of 4.1v but sitll the gsm keeps on resetting. How would i solve this. Thanks in advance for the help

I use power from arduino WITHOUT diode and capacitor and also resistor. arduino 5V -> VCC Sim800l.
Try it.

but the maximum voltage of the gsm is around 4.4V. Is it possible to direct it?


Can i have your circuit?

Did you already trasmitted a data using this ckt?

Now I connect to GPRS

You try it? You can be answer!

I mean did you already transmitted a data using that circuit?

Guys, Dont connect 5V directly unless there is a regulator before it reaches SIM800L.
Use a regulator like LM39302 or LM2596. The 5V source should be able to deliver current upto 2A.
The diodes will drop the current and GSM module wont work. Keep power wires short.

Yeah. Of course. I answer to to you above.
Hello Ravi. I know about this, but so we can to understand what the problem has Shayn. This is fast way.

I use a diode 1n4007 to power SIM800L module through Arduino Uno board. But sill the voltage is 4.1V and still keep resetting the gsm. The other circuit which it has a diode and a capacitor still wont work it still have a 4.1V. What’s the another way for solving this problem except for using a regulator?

Try two diodes in parallel

Okay. Then we would still use an external supply for the gsm and another supply for the arduino?

We already use a two diodes but connected in series and has an output of 4.1v. What would be the difference if we will connect in parallel? I think the output voltage would be smaller than 4.1v.

No, voltage must be 4.65. Try connect like me, so if is work. After buy stepdown module.

Each diode you are using should be replaced by parallel diodes to increase current. Try and see.

I used an external supply for gsm which is a 5v, 2A charger. and another separate supply for the arduino. Okay I’ll try it.

You can connect to arduino like on my photo. If it work you should first of all setup step down voltage regulator.

I have new connection for you. You can connect capacitor to gsm module like on my picture,
and use power supply 4-4.2 V.