Sim 800l keeps on resetting



Hi Mr. Ravi. I have another problem with the sim 800l. AT command didn’t work. When i typed AT it doesn’t have a response in the serial monitor in arduino.


You need give us scheme and code which you use in arduino. Do you use sim 800l in terminal(TMFT) program on computer? Also, you decided your problem with resetting sim800l?


I already solved the problem on gsm 800l keeps on resetting. i have another problem which is the AT command in arduino dont have a response.


Give scheme and code arduino. Do you connect your module to the computer and use in terminal or TMFT.


yes i already have a code for arduino. i have an external supply for the gsm module and a supply for arduino


Do you connect sim800l to the computer through rs-232 adapter?


nope. wait ill send picture


I think you not setuped correct speed for uart your sim800l.



What uart? In the sim 800? Where would i find that?


Ok. First of all you must to check your connection!

arduino sim800
RX -> TX
TX -> RX


yes i already do that. but still at command had no response


The default baudrate is 115200 in your module. You need to setup 9600;


yes i already set it to 9600



What the command you use for setup speed?


what speed?..


baudrate, you wrote, that you change speed from 115200 to 9600. Please send me here this command!




here’s my code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
//SIM800 TX is connected to Arduino D8
#define SIM800_TX_PIN 7
//SIM800 RX is connected to Arduino D7
#define SIM800_RX_PIN 6
//Create software serial object to communicate with SIM800
SoftwareSerial serialSIM800(SIM800_TX_PIN,SIM800_RX_PIN);
void setup() {
  //Begin serial comunication with Arduino and Arduino IDE (Serial Monitor)
  //Being serial communication witj Arduino and SIM800
  Serial.println("Setup Complete!");
void loop() {
  //Read SIM800 output (if available) and print it in Arduino IDE Serial Monitor
  //Read Arduino IDE Serial Monitor inputs (if available) and send them to SIM800